Plane Tree Capital is a private credit fund offering investors a direct lending product into African SMEs. We focus on export transactions from Africa to developed markets. This approach offers African risk adjusted returns while mitigating a large portion of the pure Africa risk.

We lend as Senior Secured Debt

  • Private credit is a low-risk investment compared to alternative asset classes, and a viable substitute to other fixed income investments.

  • Each loan is secured primarily by the asset being financed. Secondary securities are used when required.

  • Senior secured debt ranks higher than any other form of debt or equity in the event of default or liquidation.


How private credit stacks up

  • Private credit returns, at 8% per year, are comparable to international equity returns over the last 21 years but with much lower volatility.

  • Private credit investments rank higher in terms of security compared to equity.

  • Private credit offers low volatility returns to compliment any diversified portfolio.

Why choose us?

  • Our lower fee structure allows us to target lower yielding, but quality deals without sacrificing return to investors.

  • Our experienced management team bring both a trade and financial background to operating across the continent with a proven track record.

  • Our policy of full disclosure closes the information gap between investors and fund managers and keeps a keen eye on the finer details.

How we do private credit

  • We offer direct loans to established companies to grow their business.

  • Deals are self-liquidating. This means they have a predetermined cash exit.

  • We use the products in each loan as our primary collateral.