We support entrepreneurs

In offering finance to small to medium sized businesses, we support our entrepreneurs so that they can support the communities that rely on them.

There is a major global shortage of finance for the businesses that need it most. We search for clients that, at the very least, hold a number of key characteristics:

  • A demonstrated track record of performance. Here we focus on ability to follow through and deliver performance. Not simply financial performance.

  • A demonstrated commitment to support the stakeholders and communities that rely on them.

  • Significant personal investment by shareholders, in their own business, to align their interest with our investors.

  • A willingness to share information with us. We pride ourselves in being adept at finding information on companies and people. The more information we get from a client, good or bad, the better. This helps inform us to make better decisions.

If you believe you are able to commit to our value system, then we cannot wait to hear from you.

We look forward to hearing about how we can help you grow your business and make a lasting impact on your community.

    Read below about some of our incredible clients

    West African Sustainable Timber Exporter

    We have a timber trading client that exports timber from one of the poorest West African countries with 60-70% of their population living below the poverty line.

    Our client exports sustainably harvested timber to developed markets in order to create jobs and support their local communities and country at large.

    By supporting our client, we open up international markets to bring much needed currency back to their home country.

    We finance only a small portion of their shipments at a low Loan-to-Value (LTV). By having their entire debtors book as security we are able to grow this facility as and when they continue to perform.


    South African Flooring and Sanitary Ware Supplier

    Our client is an importer and trader of various product lines in the Sanitary ware and flooring industry.

    They play a vital role in supporting local builders to source quality inputs to build their communities. They supply into major big box retailers and help to contain rampant price inflation by keeping their playing field competitive.

    Our facility is being used to expand our clients offering into South America, Australia, the USA and Europe.