Like the Plane Tree itself, we do not require a perfect environment in which to thrive. Rather, we approach real world opportunities with real world solutions
Plane Tree Capital

Plane Tree Capital (Pty) Ltd is an investment management company. Our main focus is our private credit fund. Given our position as a bridge between investors and borrowers, we also offer corporate advisory and due-diligence services. Our team is comprised of a group of experienced individuals who have collectively managed over USD1.3bn over a combined 65+ years.

Our core team is comprised of key contributors to two of South Africa's most successful trade finance funds, having spun off to form Plane Tree Capital. We are taking crucial steps to simplify the business model and optimize human capital by making use of smart technology.

We have experienced first hand, how small amounts of capital, deployed responsibly across worthy borrowers, can leave a lasting positive impact on communities and economies at large. Our team feels privileged to have a small role to play in fostering growth on our continent that is burgeoning with opportunities.

Plane Tree Capital (Pty) Ltd is less prone to human error and standard continuity issues. We establish processes and systems that learn and evolve, which drive human behaviour in a timely manner. Gone are the days of needing to remember what needs to be done and losing crucial information when roles change. Our systems allow us to give our customers comfort that their systems are working.


Our vision is to create a globally competitive, sustainable, end-to-end credit platform where the consumers and providers of credit can meet. To structure this platform as a fund to create scale, awareness, and market share in Africa. As our technology and its acceptance grows, the need for someone in the middle shall reduce. Over the long-term, we believe we would move from a fund to a marketplace as consumers and providers of credit move to these types of platforms. Our goal is ultimately to be the platform of choice.

About our Name

The London Plane Tree is a hybrid of an American Sycamore Tree and an Oriental Plane Tree. The Sycamore being considered able to endure a big city and provide ample shade. The Oriental Plane Tree is often named the Tree of Hippocrates, as this is the same tree under which the father of medicine taught at Kos, Greece. An Oriental plane tree that has been aged to 500 years remains standing on the very site known to be visited by Hippocrates, showing its resilience.

The hybrid, London Plane Tree, is considered to be one of the most resilient trees to modern day pollution, while still being able to provide significant shade cover.

We are building a company that can navigate today's noise-polluted investment markets, and offer our investors the cover and resilience they so richly deserve.

  • Create value for all our stakeholders. from investors to the communities reliant on our clients.

  • Become the flagship credit fund in Africa providing credit to allow creditworthy businesses to grow.

  • Contribute to the growth and development of a responsible credit industry on the continent.

  • Form long standing partnerships with all stakeholders in our industry
  • Integrity and Honesty – Our entire business model is based on trust and this can be undone in a heartbeat.

  • Transparency and Accountability – Tell the bad news quickly and be accountable.

Our Structure

The Plane Tree Capital Private Credit Fund is housed in a Segregated Portfolio Company on the Bell Rock Group Platform in the Cayman Islands.

Investor funds flow through Bank of New York Mellon on behalf of DMS Bank and Trust (Cayman). Fund assets are held and earn performance in USD.

NAV Consulting are the administrators of our fund and provide an independent monthly reconciliation of assets and performance to investors. The fund is audited annually by Moore (Cayman).